Last night on, March 16 an inaugural Presidential debate was held at Uganda Christian University, Nkoyoyo hall. Three Presidential aspirants vouched for the podium in the names of Nasur Masaba, Patrick Ssemogerere and Ahabwe Peter.


Among them, a tall and confident man in the names of Patrick Ssemogerere stood out. Key issues were discussed in regards to foreign policy, funding, integrity, corruption and so on.

The eloquence and ease with which Patrick articulated his manifesto was, at most inspiring and encouraging for the UCU electorate. Vote for Patrick because he is an assertive leader.

He is a strategic lobbyist who outlined his plans to ensure the funding of the Law society is guaranteed with his vast network of Alumni and interactive ability with students. This makes him the right man to safeguard the legacy of the law society with constant financial confidence.

On the issue of integrity. Patrick has been tried, tested and trusted in various leadership positions such as former Speaker of the Law society.

He is still serving in the capacity of Youth Ambassador in the East African Community. Being in such positions has proven his competence to deliver. This makes him one to consider as the right man for the job. And perhaps his ability to live meaningfully makes him incorruptible.

Why Patrick Ssemogerere? this question keeps begging an answer. Well, about last night you might have seen a piece of his abilities. quite the amicable debater and orator who has the command of power needed to lead the UCU law society.


This is not mere political rhetoric or hogwash but the truth of a man you should entrust with your mandate and public confidence.

Above all, despite all these things i have said about Patrick, he is human and often makes mistakes. Hopefully, when given the mandate he believes he can lead with the guidance of the masses so he can stand to be corrected. Together for one! One for all! we can make it because we can. Come tomorrow on friday, 17 please vote for Patrick Ssemogerere for UCU Law Society President 2017-18. May God guide you to make the right decision.



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