Ever since I set foot to “The Venue”, I have found a thousand reasons to stay there as a loyal customer. My first remarkable experience that I cherished was when I had a crisis of culinary choice amongst my lovely friends. Essie, Joel, Modesta, Anisha and Eve.


All we ever needed was just a frothy tasty cup of coffee to chat the blustery night away with reckless abandon. To achieve that momentary respite from the hustle and bustle, tranquility was the key priority on our agenda. “Where possibly could we find such a place to enjoy a night so young?” I fathomed to myself.

Within a nick of time, we crossed Market Street on Solot Avenue, (Soroti) onto the next lane, Main Street. Actually, finding “the venue” was accidental as we marveled at the streetlights. Right inside the Huawei Plaza, we spotted a new cafeteria that had a heartwarming artistic impression.

IMG-20160818-WA0013.jpgWild as we are, we sauntered in majestically like we owned the night.

Luckily enough, the Proprietor of the café, Mr. Timothy Otaala was kind enough to welcome us in for a cup of coffee.

The hospitality was typical of true Ugandanness as we sat overwhelmed on the plush sofas. Something about the ambience was so touching.

It felt magical being there that moment. More so the satisfaction written all over the faces calmed me to bits. However do not be caught up in the moment yet, the better part of the narrative is yet to unravel.

Folded up in my corner, I perused meticulously and curiously through their á la cárte menu. I then placed an order for a cup of brown coffee and Sausage. The charming lady at the counter responded quick and delivered my plate, minutes later to my satisfaction.


Before she brought my food, I was expecting the usual cliché of just ordinary coffee that I find in most cafeterias that I’ve been to.

To my surprise, she delivered me a cup of artful coffee and salad dressed sausage. “Thank you madam”, I said pleasantly as I readied my impatient cutlery for the nutritious battle.

“Essie did you just taste this cup of coffee?”, I rumbled cheerfully. “It’s amazing because it tastes like heaven!” I retorted.

Minutes into my meal, the wafting aroma of the hot frothy fizzly bubbles of coffee kept swirling through my nostrils like the scent of lily flower. “This must be love and coffee at first sight!” I mused to myself deeply.

Tonight you will have to pardon me for the bout of nostalgia engulfing me about this magical place called “The venue”. It’s one of those memorable memories etched in my random thoughts. Damn me if I ever forsake them. I have been to a couple of restaurants and probably written a few commentaries or critiques but this one keeps surpassing the bar it raises high.

The hygiene at “The venue” is greatly taken care of. The cutlery is well placed. The tables are sparkling clean together with their polka-dotted chairs.

20160810_183335.jpgThe sofas are kept tidy and smell refreshing with a musk-like fragrance.

The granite floors are scrubbed spot clean.

For those in need of the washrooms, they are just adjacent to the basement near the exit door.

The washrooms are moderately clean. I would recommend an occasional check of the toiletries to ensure no one is inconvenienced. Most critically, the washroom doors are coincidentally not labeled for the respective gender which I am optimistic shall be addressed as soon as possible.

On busier evenings, the space runs out for the hungry anticipative clientèle. In the nearby future, more furniture would suit the needs of all customers. For those wary of food, be rest assured it’s preserved safe, fresh and ice cold in the coolers for a tastier experience.

Being a seasoned vegetarian, I am quite impressed with the menu that serves local dishes like “eboo”, “malakwang”, “atap” and “echadoi” to mention but a few. Other continental dishes can be prepared as well as a variety of the smoothies .

You see my friend; life is what we make it. The choice of eating healthy food is good for your wellbeing. Food makes us more productive and gives us a cheery disposition to partake the responsibilities of life.I guarantee the lovely experience at “The venue” would achieve just that.


The Customers are likely to walk away smiling to their places of comfort. On a personal note, the brown coffee and salad dressed sausages are mostly the trademark dishes that make it to my usual cut there. I just can’t have enough of them. Probably it will be the death of my notorious defiant hunger!


Not to be forgotten is the memorabilia decorated all over the Café. God oh my!

The art is worth a sight! Kudos is in total order for the art well chosen!These masterpieces have some heavenly connotation that comes with them.

It’s more like a charm that disarms your defences to bits.

For those seeking a romantic getaway, you’re fully sorted for the secluded environment.

It’s very convenient for cupid and lady charming. Trophy cups are lined up in rows across a mid-section of the brown coloured wall.

On the other side of the wall, paintings with so much African influences are pieced in succession to each other. No doubt, most of the savannah landscapes suffuse into the serene ambience of the café. Lady bags and those for the trendy metro-sexual man are also on offer on display as decor hung high on the left side of the wall.

A lot has been said and done about this place so far, if I had dissatisfaction, it would be the excessive hospitality of the “The Venue” hahahaaa haaa!!! Honestly and plainly speaking, I find no excuse for not having a great time at this newfound place.


If I had any qualms with the service, I would’ve cried out loud but on the contrary this place is just like a virtuous affectionate wife you can’t stop loving! The food, delicious! The hygiene, likeable! The service, fantastic! The crowd, lovable! What more could one ask for?

So next time don’t miss out on the experience, be there to witness a taste of perfection beyond the ordinary! A Toast to new culinary delights!


As written by Nicholas Opolot,


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  1. otim joel says:

    the venue is home to us

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nopolot says:

      Most definitely brother. That’s where our profound memories of undying friendship flourish from!


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