Welcome to my new blog!


Bonjour! I am Nicholas Opolot and i am amazed with this new initiative for blogging my literary insights,thoughts and perspectives. I feel energized because sharing is caring in the global commons where exchange of information is crucial for our sustenance.

I might be new to blogging but nevertheless i am welcome to any suggestions that would create a better experience for all my readers and friends alike. In my country Uganda, when a visitor comes home you are usually welcomed with a heartwarming smile into the host’s abode and perhaps served with a local refreshment to quench your thirst.

As i get acquainted into the blogging tradition, may i please have the courtesy to officially welcome everyone as part and parcel of this undying struggle to seek knowledge, entertainment and enlightenment from our inadequacies. May we be fulfilled in our new endeavours and be blessed to cherish the fruits of our labour.

Since the world seems to be in an unending rush against time, may we get caught up in the momentous epoch of glory and never at once look back at the regrets for the things we have done. New partnerships call for a special kind of celebration. A kind of celebration that is deserving of the finest we can ever fathom. To newfound friendship and family!

A toast to new beginnings! To the unburnt souls, tomorrow awaits!

Yours truly and sincerely,

Nicholas Opolot.

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